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Pisa in Tuscany Italy

According to a legend some mythical Trojan refugees founded Pisa. They came  from the homonymous Greek city of Pisa once placed along  Alpheus river’s valley in Peloponnesus. One of the most important monuments of the city is the celebrated Duomo Square, also called “Square of Miracles”, which was declared part of the World heritage. This Cathedral  built between 1063 and 1118 shows a typical Pisano Romanesque style, its bronze portal  dedicated to St. Ranieri was carved by Bonanno Pisano and its pulpit made by Giovanni Pisano. On the same Square one can admire the characteristic pending bell tour belonging to the  XII century and 56 metres high. Its particular inclination started 10 years after the beginning of the construction and it is one of the most known monuments in Italy.
Actually Pisa has got 3 sloping towers: the first is the one just mentioned  located in “Piazza del Duomo”, the second is the campanile of St. Nicholas situated in St. Mary street nearby Lungarno Pacinotti, the third is the bell tower of St Michael degli Scalzi church situated just halfway on  Viale delle Piagge, eastern part of the city. In this last case even the church has a significant sloping. You will enjoy beautiful moments of relax in Pisa so that your journey will be unforgettable.

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