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Siena in Tuscany Italy

The city of Siena is one of the most handsome Gothic cities in Italy, a destination which seems impossible not to visit. A tour of this pretty town, which maintains its Medieval aspect, can begin by seeing  St. Dominique’s church where the relics of the Italian and European patron saint Catherine are still today preserved. An other marvellous monument is the Palazzo “Monte dei Paschi di Siena”, the most ancient Bank institute in the whole Europe. Walking along the ancient streets  one reaches the Piazza del Campo, the unquestionable core of city life, world famous because of the Palio, ancient horse race around the elliptic  square. From centuries the Palio tradition is deeply rooted in the Sienese population to the point that it still conditions habits and costumes that fathers do transfer to children. Along the main street one firstly meets Palazzo Chigi- Saracini which houses an important music academy and later the splendid Duomo. Owing to its colours, flavours and traditions Siena will let you fall in love during your stay in Tuscany.

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