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Assisi in Umbria

Assisi is one of the UNESCO world heritage cities and lies at the heart of the green Umbria. It’s absolutely the most popular town and one of the most visited in Umbria. In Assisi the "poor friar" St. Francis, famous Italian patron saint, was born and lived. Today Assisi is recognized as being an international  religious and meeting centre where the World Peace is the main subject to discuss about. Assisi is home of the largest Franciscan Friars convent and is the favourite destination for many pilgrims. The city unwinds on the top of a hill at the foot of Mount Subasio’s National park and it is connected by various roads, narrow streets and squares on different levels that safeguard the entire history of the city. The city has many doors, called Archi to get into the historical centre. The Basilica of St. Francis, which appears to the visitor traveling between Santa Maria degli Angeli and Assisi, is one of the most beautiful and interesting monument of the city. The Basilica of St. Francis is made of two main levels: the upper church (basilica superiore) and the lower church (basilica inferiore) with a small underground crypt housing the tomb of the saint. In the upper church, that has been restored after the heartquake of 1997, you can find impressive frescoes painted by famous Italian artists  such as Giotto. After the Piazza del Comune, going up to the door “Santa Chiara”, you find the Church of Santa Chiara. You can also visit the Temple of Minerva, the Palace of Capitano del Popolo and the imposing Rocca Maggiore, placed in the highest point of the city. For those who choose to stay in Assisi we recommend a visit to the Hermitage of the Prisons which lies at the foot of Mount Subasio, an oasis of peace and tranquility surrounded by a forest of oaks and the place where St. Francis and his “followers” retired in prayer and meditation. The Mount is about 4 kilometres uphill from Assisi and there are shuttle buses that connect Assisi to the Hermitage. We also recommend a walk in the Park of Monte Subasio where you can experience a taste of the fabulous natural scenery of the city as well as the region of Umbria. Assisi is definitely the right city for your vacation in Umbria.

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