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Clitunno Springs

The “Clitunno Springs” in Umbria, located halfway between Spoleto and Trevi are another highlight of the natural landscape of the region of Umbria. The Clitunno Springs are in Campello sul Clitunno and they are located not on a panoramic position but on the main road, the ancient Flaminia, between the towns Campello sul Clitunno and Trevi. As you exit the highway indicating Campello sul Clitunno, drive into the village, turn left at the intersection and you will find these wonderful natural underground springs forming first a natural lake with crystal clear water and then a small river called Clitunno. This river flows through the east Umbrian plain and the towns of Trevi, Campello sul Clitunno and Bevagna, all beautiful and characteristic locations. These amazing and picturesque natural springs have inspired many writers and poets. In ancient times it was believed that in the depths of these waters dwelt the Clitunno God, in whose honour the three now lost temples were built. The only left building is a small temple which contains some ancient frescoes of Umbria. In addition, the Emperor Caligula came to this place to consult the oracle and it seems that also religious rites took place here. Therefore, the springs have a certain historical and cultural value, not only an environmental importance. The Clitunno Springs are an unforgettable place for your holidays in Umbria, a place where you can spend relaxing moments. It is possible to stay near the Clitunno Springs where you can find Farmhouses, Country Houses and typical Hotels. Inside the springs there is a typical restaurant where you can enjoy traditional dishes, a lake for trout fishing, a bar and a pizzeria.

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