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Gubbio in Umbria

Gubbio is a town in the far northeastern part of Umbria. It is located on the lowest slope of Mt. Ingino, that overlooks the city. The city is also called "gray city" for the colour of the limestone blocks that make it. Gubbio is the most beautiful medieval city in Umbria and its well-preserved buildings, its monuments and its narrow streets immerse the visitor into the life of a medieval time. Gubbio should be visited quietly and enjoying all the little details that the city reserves to the tourist. Gubbio is the city of the "Corsa dei Ceri", historical religious event that takes place every year on the 15th of May in honour of the patron saint of the city of Gubbio, St. Ubaldo. Worthy town in Umbria, Gubbio, thanks to its top position on the green Umbrian valley, has a wonderful breathtaking panoramic view. As for Assisi, the story of Gubbio is closely linked to St. Francis of Assisi and in particular to the legend about the dialogue between St. Francis and the wolf. The Church of Saint Francis is the place where the wolf took refuge for the night and is just one of the many beautiful things that you can visit in Gubbio. If you want to know the history and legends of Gubbio, you can not miss Piazza Grande, the main center of the city; Palazzo dei Consoli, Palazzo del Capitolo, the Cathedral and the Church of Santa Maria dei Servi. Then in the lower part of the city there is the Piazza dei Quaranta Martiri, the starting point for all the city tours. Gubbio is also worldwide known for the largest Christmas tree in the world. The Christmas tree on the ridge of Mount Ingino, illuminates the whole city every year during Christmas since 1981. It’s 750 meters high, 450 meters wide. It consists of 400 lights and is topped by a Star of 1000 meters square.
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