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Norcia in Umbria

Norcia, in Umbria, situated 600 meters above the sea level and surrounded by the greenery and the natural beauty of the Valnerina and Castelluccio di Norcia, it’s the capital of the Valnerina. Norcia is surrounded by medieval walls and to access into the city center you have to pass through the typical medieval doors. The reasons that make its majesty are many, but the most important are its patron St. Benedict and its gastronomy. St. Benedict was the first Christian monk and the founder of the Benedictine monastic system. The Basilica, dedicated to him, it is at the centre of Norcia's main square, the Piazza di San Benedetto, and its beautiful architecture dates back to the 14th century. Due to the earthquakes, The Basilica of St. Benedict of Norcia has been restored many times but today shows to visitors all its beauty. Do not forget that every day at 8 pm in the Benedictine Basilica’s crypt, you can listen to the Gregorian chants of the Benedictine monks. It’s a fantastic and suggestive moment. The cuisine with the typical mountain flavours is another good reason to visit the city. For example every year between February and March the “Black of Norcia”, a market of local products takes place. Cold cuts as well as truffle, spelt, lentils, beer and cheese definitely make Norcia as famous all over the world. Norcia could be compared to a real antique jewel that offers its visitors and all visitors the chance to enjoy both gastronomic experiences and cultural visits to the masterpieces enclosed within its walls. In addition to the already mentioned Basilica of St. Benedict, you can visit the Cathedral, the Castellina and the Civic Museum. Spend an unforgettable holiday in Norcia! Other places to be mentioned are Cascia (only 15 km away from Norcia); Castelluccio di Norcia that is very suggestive during the “Bloom of Castelluccio” and  the Marmore’s Falls. Visit us in Umbria for your vacation or for your travels, you will find that “slow living” now forgotten and unknown to most people.

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