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Spello in Umbria Italy

A popular saying about Spello sounds like “more I look at it and more I like it”. In fact, observing Spello from the background, it seems to be a “crib scene”, with small houses perched on a hill that look like a picture. Sometimes nature can create situations that men can not recreate even employing all the technological tools available today. Spello is situated on the lower flank of Mount Subasio, a natural park between Spello and Assisi and it seems to strain forward to welcome visitors. It is the pink stone of Mount Subasio to give to the entire city centre a beautiful colour. Spello is also called as “Old Colona Julia” and you can read this name at the main city gate. Like Spoleto, it has got traces of Roman and medieval times, perfectly merged together. In the lowest part of the city, within the medieval walls that surround its perimeter, there are ruins of the ancient roman theatre and amphiteatre and also of the Porta Consolare and the Porta Urbica. Walking through the streets of the old part of the city, you can also admire the ancient buildings and castles whose original structure has been changed over the centuries. The city centre is very accurate and its many citizens, called Spellani, take care of the city and of all its treasures. It’s very common to see lots of flowers on the balconies and on the windows of the houses in the centre. Each house or apartment is well kept and made of typical red bricks. There are artisan shops, taverns and traditional restaurants. Spello is well known for the “Infiorata” that takes place on the ninth Sunday after Easter: the Corpus Domini feast . During this feast, sacred images made exclusively using flowers’ petals, lay down on the city streets. These floral decorations begin the evening before the Corpus Domini feast and ends on the day of the feast. So the “Infiorata” includes a whole night of work to create these real works of art. The next morning, the result is an enormous “flowers carpet”, 1,5 km long, made of sixty different religious images. The floral decorations of Spello are very ancient and they are made every year since 1930’s. Spello is the ideal city for your holidays in Umbria. Stopping in this city is something amazing and unforgettable. In Spello, there is one of the most beautiful restored Roman aqueducts of Italy. The trail between Spello and Collepino, a small village in the Mount Subasio’s park, is passable by foot or by bike and there are benches where the tourist can rest or take some time to admire the breathtaking surroundings.

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